Who we are

We are Antonio and Elena , two young parents firmly convinced that the best way to make our children grow up is to leave them free to browse, experiment, imitate and make mistakes.

I, Antonio , have always had a passion for DIY and for creating objects.
Since I became a dad I have thrown myself into the fantastic world of children's furniture following the Montessori method. I have studied a lot of this methodology unknown to me until some time ago, or almost, and I have dedicated hours and hours to the design of what is now called Sanset Wood.

Instead I, Elena , am the mind of Sanset Wood , I like to call myself that way because I suggest, encourage and collaborate behind the scenes, aware of the passion that Antonio puts into all his creations.

And then there are them:

Edoardo , born in 2018, is the sweetest child in the world. Thanks to him and his curiosity, always ready to explore

and experiment, we have been putting into practice what we have been imagining for a long time.

And Giorgia , class of 2020, nice, sunny and tremendous like few others, amazes us more every day.

All our creations pass under their hands and are improved according to what they need. So if something is wrong.. Take it out on them!!!! 🤣