Handmade items are unique and may vary slightly in shape, size and colour, which means they may not be exactly identical to each other.

Sanset Wood guarantees that the good is free from defects that make it unsuitable for use. Check upon receipt that all the parts contained in the packaging are intact. In case of detection of defects, immediately communicate them to the seller via the e-mail address info@sansetwood.it .

The guarantee does not include:

- Product not assembled correctly

- Aesthetically modified product

- Product not stored correctly (example: too humid environment)

- Product not used correctly

- Custom product

- Anything that is not attributable to the processing of Sanset Wood

Sanset Wood will evaluate each single dispute to verify if the conditions for the right to the guarantee exist.

It is important to check the seller's warranty policies before making a purchase of a handmade item.